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You may audition (video or audio) a story for the November 21, 2014 "Terrible Holidays" show presented by We're looking for humorous or reflective stories about the Fall and Winter holidays that you may have experienced. See more info at

We're not looking for fake stories, chicken-soup stories or therapy-level stories about how (really) awful your family is. A mix of true stories that reflect a diversity of cultures is our goal.

Stories may not exceed six minutes. This is not a children's event. Stories should be of interest to adults but we want to keep the language at the PG13 level.

Submit any video, even those take with cell or smart phones. Upload the video somewhere and tell us the link. We're not judging the quality of the video, we just want to see you tell the story you want to tell at our event. So, grab your phone and record your story. :-)

This form must be submitted by 11:59PM AZ time on October 31, 2014 to be considered. We will notify you on or before November 7 if your story has or has not been accepted. You will need to accept our invite by November 10 or you will be replaced on the program.

You will meet with one of our staff, most likely by phone, for coaching on your story and presentation before the event. "Call" for the show will be at 5:15PM on the night of the show. We will provide you with one no-charge admission ticket which you can use for a guest of your choosing.

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