Are you fascinated with autonomous vehicles- no steering wheel, brakes or driver- that are expected to reduce road deaths to almost zero over the next 30 years? Autonomous vehicles are being tested on roads now and they are every bit as interesting as they were on the Jetsons. Every day there is a headline highlighting products or tests and through it all no one is talking about kids.  Safe Kids wants to know what you think about this new phenomena, whether you are already working on legislation, products or policy and whether you can envision some pros and cons as well as unintended consequences for children and families. We will be drafting child specific guidance pulled from experts on a Blue Ribbon Panel to remind AV developers about children’s needs as the field evolves.


Please take our short 9 question survey HERE to let us know your thoughts about this.  Stay with us over the next months as we determine what basic criteria must be considered for a parent to be confident their child is safe, protected and independent in a driverless car. Be part of a national project to get into this discussion.  This is the first step: