A couple of us front-end developers here at Planet Argon, a local design and dev studio, are in the process of creating a workshop tentatively titled "Modern Web Development - an Intro to Github, SCSS, Bootstrap, and Jekyll.” The objective of the workshop will be to build and launch a simple but elegant site within a day, while, in the process, exploring a bunch of free / open source tools and some fancy new web dev techniques. We think that this workshop will be valuable for students with at least a basic understanding of HTML/CSS (and there will definitely be a student discount), new designers/developers looking to build their skills, coders who might not have kept up with all the latest front-end goodies, and even tech-savvy entrepreneurs eager to leave a workshop with a live prototype and the skills required to realize their vision.

We’d greatly appreciate if you’d take a minute to answer the survey questions below- this will help ensure that we’re tailoring this and future workshops to the interests of the community. Thanks so much!

* 1. Are you interested in learning / improving your understanding of these tools and techniques? If so, what's your preferred level of difficulty?

  Beginner Intermediate Advanced Not interested
Git / Github
jQuery / JS
CSS Preprocessors (SCSS, LESS)
Front-End Apps (Codekit, Scout, Hammer, LiveReload, Yeoman)
Text Editors (Textmate, Sublime)
Responsive Design
Performance Optimizations
Front-End Frameworks (Bootstrap, Compass)
Static Site Generators (Jekyll, Pelican, Middleman)
Ruby on Rails integration
Mac dev tools

* 2. What's your machine of choice?

* 3. What do you do when you're not sleeping or parasailing?

* 4. Would you be interested in attending a free dry run of the workshop?

If you'd like to be notified of workshop developments, including information about the free dry run, student discount, and the event itself, please jot down your email address below.

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Thanks so much! You're the best!