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At this stage we are simply asking you to make a pledge.
If our offer to Stroud District Council is successful we will launch a detailed plan for the future of the Subs at which time we'll be looking for vital early donations as we get up and running. 
With a long‑term plan for investment in the Sub Rooms we'll be looking to raise further cash through a share offer.  You will have the opportunity to invest as member, a shareholder or to make a donation.  

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Question Title

* 1. Please indicate the amount you would consider pledging or donating and we will contact you if our bid to run the Subscription Rooms is successful. 

Completing this form does not commit you to any investment, but is crucial in helping us to assess the level of support for this project. Do not send any money at this point.

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* 2. Are you able to offer any other support (e.g. volunteering)?