About the Research

This research aims to analyse television news to see whether they knowingly broadcast news of a negative nature and the emotional effect this news has on viewers. The research looks at structures presently in place within the news industry to see whether they prefer to broadcast negative news and construct this news to impact upon viewers. Also, the psychological effect on viewers is analysed, seeing how much they are affected by negative news, if they are indeed affected by it at all.

Some participants are invited for interviews to get opinions within the TV news industry to better understand the processes behind their work. This seeks to find any prevailing attitudes which may exist. Other participants are also encouraged to take part in surveys to measure viewer opinions on watching negative news. A focus group aims to have at least six participants and is a method for this research to get more in-depth viewer opinions about the research topics.

The primary objective of this research is the finding out if TV news media are intentionally setting an agenda of broadcasting negative news and if they are using this news as a means to influence or control the viewer.

The secondary objective is understanding how much viewers are affected by watching negative news and the impact that watching this news has on their mental or physical health.

All responses within this survey are anonymous and participants do not have to answer all questions posed. Participants are also permitted to leave the survey at any moment and are not compelled to do this survey.

This data is being collected using Survey Monkey. Survey Monkey store data outside of the EU.

By taking part in this survey, you consent to your data being housed by this platform.
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