Welcome to the ETF survey

The transport sector is still a male dominated industry. Only about 22% of transport workers are women.

The European Transport Worker's Federation (ETF) believes that the transport sector needs to be made more accommodating to women workers. Improving workplace quality and accessibility for women is crucial if women are to build a career in transport professions. Therefore, substantial changes are needed in terms of working conditions, workplace facilities and safety.

This short survey was developed by the Women’s Committee of the ETF with the purpose to collect women transport workers’ experiences of the sector in an attempt to collect data as to what would make the job more attractive for them. The survey has three sections:
  • The 1st section includes questions regarding your job profile that will help us to understand what the main issues across the many occupational groups in this sector are.
  • In the 2nd section we would like to know about your satisfaction with the working environment and safety at work.
  • The 3rd section asks you to think of how being a woman impacts your opportunities at work.
Most of the questions provide multiple choice answers which can be quickly answered by ticking boxes, for some questions you are encouraged to share your thoughts in writing.

The ETF guarantees the confidentiality of personal information. More information on our privacy policy can be found at https://www.etf-europe.org/privacy-policy/. By filling in the online survey you agree for the ETF to store and analyse the data, and to use any results anonymously to develop trade union work to make the sector more attractive for women. 

Thank you for taking about 15 minutes to fill-in our survey. Your feedback is important to us.

The ETF team