1. About Us

Sing Ireland, the national group singing support agency, Creative Ireland and Creative Aging International have come together to produce resources and best practice training programmes for musicians and carers working with older people.

Singing is fun, therapeutic, social, and stimulating. It takes place in groups, choirs, health centres, schools, even hospitals. Older adults who sing might be fit as a fiddle or challenged by illness. They might seek excellence, enjoyment or both.  

There is a lot of great singing happening around the country. We want to celebrate it.  We are setting out to help the people who help people sing, to do this as well as they can. 
We need your help to collate what is available and where, what you are interested in learning more about, where you think we can help you.
This is a VERY short questionnaire.  
  • This questionnaire should take you less time than it takes to boil a kettle.
  • Skip any questions that don’t apply to you or you are uncertain how to answer.
  • We have included a box at the end in case you would like to add some comments/questions/requests
  • All data will be considered confidential and will only be used in the stated context of the Ageing Voices initiative. 
  • No personal information or contact data will be shared with third parties without your express consent.