Please complete this registration form for the primary well on your property.

First check this BSEACD interactive map to determine if you are in the BSEACD jurisdiction or in the HTGCD jurisdiction. Well owners in the HTGCD should register wells here.

* 1. Property/Well Owner's Info

* 2. Secondary Contact Info (Optional)

* 3. Preferred Mailing Address - for receiving notices and correspondence

* 4. Physical Address of Primary Well (physical well location)

* 5. Primary Well - Water Use (select the primary use for this well)

* 6. Lookup Well Location Coordinates - Use this url link find your well coordinates on the map.
1. Click this link,
2. Enter your physical address, hit the 'Show Location' button
3. Zoom in on map, select the satellite imagery and move well coordinate pin to correct location,
4. Copy those coordinates and enter below.

* 7. Primary Well - Aquifer :

* 8. Primary Well - Details (if known)

* 9. If there is more than one well on your property,  then you should complete a separate well registration form for the secondary well. Please indicate the total number of wells on your property:

Thank you for filling out the Well Registration online!  By pressing the "SUBMIT WELL REGISTRATION FORM" button below, you certify the following:

I hereby register my well with the Barton Springs/Edwards Aquifer Conservation District for the purposes indicated above for the water well described herein, and I certify that I am the property owner/grantor or lessee/grantee or an Authorized Agent, and that each and all the statements herein are true  and correct, and that I will comply with District Rules, Well Construction Standards, and groundwater use permit and plan requirements if applicable. With prior advanced  72 hr notice, I hereby authorize the District access to this property to make any well inspections and/or collect water samples as necessary at the well location.