* 1. Are you:

* 2. Which grade are you in:

* 3. School is a safe place to be.

* 4. Classes challenge me to think about and solve real-world problems.

* 5. Students are given many ways to show what they have learned.

* 6. Classes and teachers prepare me to meet my future goals.

* 7. Teachers expect all students to succeed no matter who they are.

* 8. The adults in the school care about all students, not just a few.

* 9. All students have an equal opportunity to learn.

* 10. I have opportunities for leadership in my school.

* 11. Students are free to respectfully express their opinions.

* 12. Teachers use a variety of techniques to engage me as a learner.

* 13. I have been a victim of bullying this year.

* 14. I have witnessed others being bullied this year.

* 15. I feel comfortable approaching staff after I've been bullied or when I've seen bullying happening to someone else.

* 16. Teachers talk about ways to prevent bullying in class.

* 17. Staff in my school take bullying seriously and talk to students about bullying.

* 18. Teachers have enough time to fully explain lessons and concepts.

* 19. In class, I have enough time to get to work or get my questions answered about lessons.

* 20. Teacher plan enough varied activities in class to keep my attention.

* 21. Teachers prepare me for the transition into the next grade.

* 22. Teachers prepare me for the transition between buildings

* 23. I have enough technology resources to complete my assignments.

* 24. Teachers have adequate technology resources to teach effectively.

* 25. There are school activities in which I am interested and would like to participate.

* 26. Please check all of the school activities in which you participate:

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