To provide support for projects located in the Destination North Coast region, we require applicants to clearly demonstrate alignment to the Destination North Coast Destination Management Plan 2022-2030. Alignment helps us to understand how the project will contribute to visitor economy priorities. 

Please review the eligibility requirements for the fund you are applying for, including eligible and ineligible activity, expenditure and project location. If you are unable to determine if your organisation and / or project is eligible, please contact the relevant program administrator, which can be found on the website that hosts the program guidelines, or within the guidelines themselves. 

Please note that Destination North Coast cannot determine if your organisation or project is eligible for funding. You must confirm your organisation and project eligibility under the relevant fund or program before requesting a letter of support.

If you would like to discuss your project and how it may align to the DMP, please contact the Industry Engagement Manager Jacquie Burnside

Once you have confirmed eligibility and alignment please complete the Letter of Support request details below. 

Letters of Support requests will generally be processed within 5-7 business days, however, delays may occur over holiday periods.

If you have not received a response within 10 working days, please email - thank you.