* 2. If you are unlikely to register, please explain why:

* 3. What issues or questions about psychosis would you most like to see addressed in any seminars? What issues or skill sets do you believe you have the greatest need to learn more about?

* 4. All of the following approaches have variations that are designed specifically for psychosis.  Please rate your level of interest in each one:

  Strongly Interested Moderately Interested Not very interested Would have to know more about it to decide
CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)
ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy)
CFT (Compassion Focused Therapy)
Open Dialogue and dialogical approaches
Hearing Voices Network and other possibly peer run options
Options for family members who want to be more effective helpers

* 5. Are there any “experts” in particular that you would most like to be able to learn from? Please list them here

* 6. What would you be looking to learn in an online seminar?

  What I most want Moderately important Not very important to me
Methods that are "evidence based"
Skills appropriate for difficult moments or a crisis
Skills usefull in supporting long term recovery
Ways to get past "stuck" places
I'm new to the field, I'm interested in it all!

* 7. Of the following possible trainings, which would you be most interested in? Rate in order of your level of interest

* 8. Which format for training would you be most interested in?  Please rank them by your level of interest.

* 10. My interest is based on my being a (please check all that apply):