Green Infrastructure for Stormwater Management Project Summary

ASLA is providing the EPA with case studies and data on landscape architecture projects that successfully and sustainably manage stormwater and preserve and protect the country’s water supply. ASLA encourages all its members working on stormwater management projects to submit case studies and provide detailed information about these projects. Please help ASLA's data gathering efforts by taking the time to provide valuable information that will be used to inform decisionmakers on the use and benefits of green infrastructure design practices.

Please submit one entry for each project.

Please submit your project data by March 31, 2011.

1. General Information -- Please include contact information so that ASLA can contact you for any further information, if necessary.

2. Are you affiliated with an ASLA Chapter? If so which one?

3. How would you best describe the project type?

4. Estimated cost of stormwater project

5. Short project description. How would you describe this project in a few sentences?

6. Please list any awards, nominations, citations, or recognition the project has received.

7. Please provide links to any images, a project URL, or drawings:

8. The stormwater management project was:

9. How much impervious area was managed?

10. How much existing green space/open space was conserved or preserved for managing stormwater on site?

11. Was a green versus grey cost analysis performed?

12. How did conserving or preserving existing green space/open space affect the overall costs of the site design/development project?

13. Did conserving/preserving green space/open space for stormwater management have any costs savings or add costs over traditional site design/site development approaches (grey infrastructure)?

14. What if any public dollars were used to fund the project? (Please choose all that apply)

15. Was this project designed to meet any specific requirements or mandates?

16. Was the regulatory environment and regulator (e.g., local inspector, municipal engineer, landscape architect, etc.) generally:

17. Please describe the specific stormwater management design techniques used in this project (check all that apply).

18. Stormwater reduction performance analysis (e.g., percentage of stormwater retained on site, percentage of a 2 year storm event retained on site, etc.)

If data is not readily available please provide estimated or projected performance analysis.

19. Number of jobs created by the project.

20. Job hours devoted to the project:

21. Did the developer or client request that you consider other factors when designing the control, such as energy savings, usable green space, or property value enhancements?

22. Describe the community and economic benefits that have resulted from the project, including but not limited to new economic development, enhancements of existing properties, increased property value effects, other amenity benefits.

23. Use this space to provide any additional relevant information.

100% of survey complete.