We aim to continually improve HS1917.

Your individual responses will not be revealed to either your tutors or mentors, so please be as honest as possible.

* 1. Questions

  strongly agree agree mildly agree mildly disagree disagree strongly disagree n/a
1 The aims of this course were clear to me
2 I was given helpful feedback on how I was going in the course
3 The course was challenging and interesting
4 The course provided effective opportunities for active student participation in learning activities
5 The course was effective for developing my thinking skills (e.g. critical analysis, problem solving)
6 I was provided with clear information about the assessment requirements for this course
7 The assessment methods and tasks in this course were appropriate given the course aims
10 Overall, I was satisfied with the quality of this course

* 2. The best part of the Course:

* 3. The Worst part of the Course:

* 4. Any suggestions:

* 5. Given Name

* 6. Family Name

* 7. Year you undertook HS1917