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Welcome to the West Coast Post-trauma Retreat Trauma Survey!

The West Coast Post-Trauma Retreat Program is developing a survey to better measure trauma-related symptoms for first responders. Your responses are collected anonymously through this website as part of the pilot project.

The survey includes questions about general demographics, stressful life events/critical incidents, and trauma symptoms. The progress bar at the top shows the percentage of items completed. The time it takes to complete varies from 20 minutes up to an hour.

Please note: You can change answers until you finish or leave the survey. Once you leave the survey, you cannot use the link to return.

1. I understand that the testing could involve a small risk of psychological discomfort for some individuals. If I experience any psychological discomfort during the testing, I may stop my participation. If I want help at that time or after completing the testing, I may contact Dr. Mark Kamena at 415-717-3447, who will assist me in finding appropriate no-cost or low cost supportive services.