Greeting all,

SonicWall is about to launch WiFi Cloud Manager (WCM) 2.0 beta program.

The requirements for participating in the beta is prompt submission of feedback to the beta team

By participating in the Beta Testing Program you will receive the following benefits: 
- Early access to the new release and its features
- Ability to influence the final product and to suggest changes prior to release
- Direct contact with the Development and Product Management teams through the Feedback Portal

Upon beta start, you will receive a beta welcome email with details on how to access beta resources, related documents and the mechanism for providing your feedback. 

New Features in the Upcoming Beta
Here are some of the exciting features in the upcoming WCM 2.0 beta:
- Cloud Captive Portal
- RF survey improvements
- Global Dynamic Channel Selection (DCS)
- Bandwidth Management
- Static IP address for access point (under NAT mode)
- Geo-IP and Botnet Security
- SonicWave CLI
- SonicWave wireless distribution system (WDS)
- Wireless client isolation

Supported Platforms
- SonicWave 200 series (231c, 224w, 231o)
- SonicWave 400 series (432e, 432i, 432o)

SonicWall Product Management