A successful Comprehensive Plan must accommodate and adapt to the ambitions and values of the county. Pillar statements are intended to be aspirational and visionary. The pillars will offer a source of energy and enthusiasm for maintaining a commitment to the future of Mille Lacs County. Let us know what you think of the following pillar statements by taking the survey below.

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* 1. Living

Mille Lacs County shares a broad set of values about ourselves and the places where we live. The success of the County as a whole depends on the contributions and engagement of every individual to make Mille Lacs County a great place to call home.

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* 2. Business

Mille Lacs County will invest in economic development strategies that support our existing businesses while attracting new business. We will promote and assist local entrepreneurship, innovation, and creativity as a pathway to prosperity.

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* 3. Nature

Mille Lacs County recognizes the inherent value of the natural environment and connecting people to nature. We are committed to protecting, preserving, and restoring our natural resources, while offering diversified outdoor recreational opportunities.

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* 4. Agriculture

Mille Lacs County’s agricultural heritage is a fundamental part of our identity. Through product diversity, innovation, and sustainable practices, we will retain and enhance our agricultural economy.

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* 5. Please provide any additional comments or suggestions that you may have:

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