Invitation to contribute to the research foci under the Natural Assets KAN

Dear colleagues,

As part of our ongoing activities, Future Earth initiated an internal consultation process on its Natural Assets Knowledge-Action Network (Natural Assets KAN). The Natural Assets KAN – a collaborative initiative building on contributions from the Future Earth internal Community (Global Research Projects, Fast-Track Initiatives, Clusters, Science and Engagement Committees, Regional Centres and Offices) – will aim at achieving a scientifically-based, sustainable and fair stewardship of terrestrial, freshwater and marine natural assets underpinning human well-being by understanding relationships between biodiversity, ecosystems and their benefits to societies, as well as developing effective management and governance approaches. In January 2016 we invited the internal Future Earth community to submit informal documents on the potential core research foci that should be addressed under the Natural Assets KAN.

We gathered the community inputs into a draft synthesis document, which will pave the way to the conceptual and strategic development of this Knowledge-Action Network key research themes and activities. We now invite the wider community to review the synthesis document and give feedback in order to see if there are any missing pieces that have not been addressed yet.

Link to the draft synthesis document: 

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