Who is this survey for? Why is it important?

This survey is for all young people who take on a leadership role within Woodcraft Folk. That probably means you! What way do you lead? You may be a Venturer leading a session at group night. Are you a Youth Participation Ambassador? Maybe you sit on a steering group or a committee; maybe you’ve even led social action. You may be a young Woodcraft group leader.

Other ideas of who leaders within Woodcraft are: Young Kinsfolk, Venturer committee, group/activity leaders, young trainers, any facilitators, young people who put together camps, projects or trips, mentors, camp-coordinators, any young people who are involved in planning any activities, camps or events, young trustees and General Council; to list just a small snapshot of the young leaders within Woodcraft.

The survey is important because Woodcraft, as a movement, need to know if we are supporting our young leaders so they can move in the right direction. Woodcraft needs to know if its young leaders are getting enough support and training, what support and training young leaders need/would like and how best to give it to them. This is your chance to shape the future of young leaders within Woodcraft.