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Only $20.00 for 2 hours (includes supplies)
Location: Work It Dance and Fitness, 19 N. Main St, Norwalk

Have you experienced being stuck creatively?  Have a hard time quieting the constant chatter going on in your head?   Then you might need Unblocking Creativity Workshop!

In this workshop, Jennifer is going to get you to stop thinking, stop self-judging, and learn to "let go" and "go for it" by using watercolors and/or crayons while listening to various styles of music.

Why music?
Music makes us feel excited, sad, happy, energized, inspired and so much more. Some pieces of music will be very short (about 1 minute) some will be longer (10 mins or more) and every length in between.

Why paint/crayons?
We can capture those feelings through color, expression of lines, shapes, and brush strokes and how we move across the paper.

The result?
Movement without thought. Creativity without overthinking.  Expression without judgement.  

Who should take this workshop?
Anyone that needs creativity in their life.
Marketing specialists, teachers, artists, engineers, sales reps, photographers, gardeners, authors, coders, dancers, architects, competitors...anyone!

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