As you may know Washtenaw Community College is developing a proposal for the college to offer a small farm management associates degree program. Once developed, the proposal must be submitted to the Board of Trustees for approval.

An important part of the planning for the proposal is to gain an understanding of the market needs in this field. You’ve been identifies as someone with an interest in farming or value added food.

The existing assumptions for developing this program are:
• There is a need for training and education in small-scale farming in SE Michigan.
• Training and education must have a distinct focus on business development.
• Training and education will focus on organic growing practices.
• Emphasis is on small-scale diversified crops, including season extension.
• The program will include an option of a one-year certificate that can become an Associate Degree (2-year) if added to general education requirements.
• A 1- or 2-year program cannot be teach everything there is to know about farming or growing. The program will provide a foundation and a plan for acquiring additional knowledge.
• Potential job areas include: assistant farm manager, farm manager, institutional farm manager, starting own farm.

Your input into the development of this proposal is an important step toward a robust small farm management degree program in SE Michigan. Thank you for your time!

Question Title

* 1. One component of a farm management degree is learning about growing. Please indicate which of the following topics and skills are absolutely essential, nice to know, and not essential for someone who completes our prograrm.

  Absolutely Essential Nice To Know Not Essential
Crop Cycles
Soil Science
Soil Inputs
Organic Practices
Indoor Air Quality
Outdoor Air Quality
Machine Repair - Maintenance, Welding, Engine Repair
Knowledge in Building Construction
Pest Control
Food Storage
Crop Rotation
Growing Diversified Crops
Seeding and Transplanting
Climate / Weather
Culturally Responsive Growing
Food Handling
Food Safety
Farm Technology
Season Extension
Record Keeping / Monitoring