WCC Environmental Justice Project

This is the application for partner organizations and projects for WCC's Environmental Justice Program in the 2024-2025 WCC program year. For more information about this program please follow this link to our website.  

Organizations interested in crew time through WCC’s Regular Cost-Share Program should review the Partner with the WCC page under the Request a Project tab. 

Organizations interested in a WCC Individual Placement should review the Individual Placement page of WCC's website. 
Before proceeding, review the instructions and sample application available on WCC's website. WCC strongly recommends preparing your responses in advance and pasting them into this application.

If you are unable to complete an application via online survey, answer the questions in PDF or Word and submit via email to wccactivities@ecy.wa.gov.

For questions regarding this application, contact:
Josiah Downey, WCC Field Operations Manager

Applications are due by noon on Thursday, April 18, 2024, for priority consideration.
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