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WCAI is listener-supported local public radio for the Cape, Coast, and Islands. Founded by local residents, WCAI—a service of the WGBH Foundation— provides local and national news and information as well as community of-interest and entertainment features. WCAI strives to celebrate the uniqueness of the communities it serves by discussing common issues and promoting the general education of the public by offering programs and services that inform, inspire, and entertain. WCAI radio seeks to encourage persons of all ages, origins, and beliefs in an atmosphere of artistic freedom, to learn about and to appreciate the complexities of the world and thereby to enrich and improve their lives. The results of this survey will help WCAI learn how to best-serve its current and future listening audiences. Thank you!

* 1. What content is most important to you from a community (local) radio station?

  of very little importance somewhat important very important
Local News
National & International News
Local Features
Community Strengthening
Events & Things to Do
Analysis and Interviews
Weather Updates

* 2. What would you like to hear on community radio that you are not hearing?

* 3. Do you listen to public radio?

* 4. Are you aware of WCAI — the Local Public Radio station for the Cape, Coast, and Islands?

* 5. Do you listen to WCAI?