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Important Information for Prospective Volunteers:  

1. All programs require volunteers to attend an Orientation before they can begin their service with our organization.

2. Orientations are held once a month on Saturdays at 12pm and the donation required to attend is $20. The registration donation covers the cost of the program materials and the Paws 4 You Volunteer t-shirt.

4. All volunteers supporting programs at the Retreat, such as Buddies 4 Paws, Transport, and other office and retreat support, will be required to complete a volunteer screening process.  More information will be shared during the orientation session about this process. 

Volunteer Programs: 

1. Buddies 4 Paws- Dog socialization and exercise. At least a few hours a week with rescue dogs can make a huge difference in their lives and in their chances of getting adopted. All interested volunteers must complete 3 training walks with a lead trainer before beginning the program, and the expected commitment time is 2-4 hours per week. 

2. Transport- Getting pets safely to and from events and veterinary appointments. This need arises sporadically. All interested volunteers must provide proof of a valid driver's license, and the expected commitment time is 6-8 hours per month. 

3. Events & Fundraising- Organizing and participating in those great events that help Paws 4 You raise funds and create awareness in order to continue to keep animals safe from the threat of euthanasia in Miami-Dade County. The expected commitment time is 4 hours per week.
4. Retreat Support- At Paws 4 You, our headquarters is called the Retreat, because it is where rescued pets receive healing care before finding their forever homes. Be it filing paperwork, folding laundry, or doing handy work around the Retreat, we can always use a helping paw. The expected commitment time for Office Support is 6-10 hours per week with a 4-6 month commitment. For other types of support, the expected commitment is 3-5 hours per week. 

5. Open House Events- Two Saturdays each month, our facility is open to the public to meet all of our doggies and tour our home. Support is needed with providing tours to guests visiting the open house events and introducing dogs to prospective adopters. All interested volunteers must complete a training session in advance, and the expected commitment is 4-8 hours monthly.

6. Volunteer Coordinator- A select few superheroes willing to be leaders and help coordinate volunteers in their appropriate programs and ensure they are prepared for a fun and safe volunteer experience. The expected commitment time is 5 hours per week with a 3-6 month commitment.

7. Youth Volunteer Coordinator- Coordinate with students, parents, and possibly schools, to help students complete service projects in a way that is safe, educational, and enjoyable for both dogs and students. The expected commitment time is 5 hours per week.

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