* 1. How did you find out about the Wow Cup®?

* 2. How old is your child?

* 3. What is your child's gender?

* 4. Which product(s) did you purchase?

* 5. In a normal week, how often did you typically clean up spilled drinks before getting a Wow Cup®?

* 6. What kind of beverage did your child drink from the Wow Cup®? (Check all that Apply)

* 7. Was the Wow Cup® easy to assemble, disassemble and clean?

* 8. How easy or difficult was it for your child to drink from the Wow Cup®?

* 9. How would you rate the Spill-Free function of the Wow Cup®?

* 10. From a parents point of view, how would you rate you and your child's overall Wow Cup® experience?

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