Greater Milwaukee STEM Ecosystem Attitudes and Awareness Survey

Dear Milwaukee STEM Stakeholder,

If you’re working in the STEM education space in the Greater Milwaukee region, chances are you’ve felt like you’ve convened, met and connected a lot over the years. How often have you felt like there were actionable next steps to drive not only your organization, but the region as a whole, forward and see the impact we as a community are having?

The Greater Milwaukee STEM Ecosystem (GM-STEM) will:
  • Create a unified effort across the seven county Greater Milwaukee region that enables STEM partners to share, build knowledge and connect to ensure efforts in K-20 STEM pipeline development are effective and reflect the community as a whole
  • Ensure equitable opportunities are sustained, shared and implemented for all students to access high quality STEM experiences
  • Track, monitor and report on progress in ensuring all students have the opportunity to understand what their future in STEM could look like
The first step in achieving these goals is the survey that follows. This survey will take 15-20 minutes to complete and is an attempt to gather input on the nature of our current Greater Milwaukee area STEM landscape and general awareness of available STEM assets. 

GM-STEM is not intended to create a brand new organization or replace existing efforts in our community.GM-STEM will serve as a central hub that will compile and leverage existing efforts in our community under one umbrella. Certain efforts such as data compilation, communications and similar items directly related to the national-level resources our community receives by being an ecosystem will be managed by MSOE’s STEM outreach team as the ecosystem lead organization.

We appreciate you taking the time to complete this survey and ask for your complete candor. This data is being gathered to help assess where our community is at and where GM-STEM can support the existing and future efforts of K-20 STEM in our region. Additionally, if you’d like to be involved in future efforts - whether its joining the leadership team of GM-STEM or accessing community resources - please be sure to leave your contact information at the end of this survey.

Thank you for your time and support!

Greater Milwaukee STEM Ecosystem Team
20% of survey complete.