The Montana Department of Labor & Industry is conducting the annual survey for building construction services, heavy construction services, and highway construction services for 2020 prevailing wage occupations. Montana law requires the prevailing wage rate setting process to ensure that employers are able to bid competitively on public works projects. Submission of data is voluntary; however, pursuant to Administrative Rules of Montana 24.17.119(7), 24.17.120(7) and 24.17.121(7), parties having information on wage rates or collective bargaining agreements have the obligation to provide such information for consideration by the department. Your data has an impact on the rates, and we encourage you to take a few minutes to complete the enclosed survey, as wage information we do not receive will not be considered in setting the standard prevailing rate of wages.

We need hourly wage, hourly fringe benefit, travel/per diem, and zone pay data for work performed in Montana during your peak month of employment for the period of March 1, 2019 through February 28, 2020. Please provide data by the district for building construction work performed on commercial, industrial, and government buildings, and statewide for work performed on heavy construction and highway construction projects.
If you need assistance, have questions, wish to receive prevailing wage survey materials via email instead of regular mail, or if your firm has no data to report, you may send an email to (please provide your survey number) or give me a call at (406) 444-1741. Please refer to the "prevailing wage survey" when you call.

In order to ensure your data is used in the rate setting process, survey forms and collective bargaining agreements must be returned to the Department of Labor & Industry on or before June 30, 2021.

Thank you for your time. We appreciate your help with this survey.