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Electrical contractors - Opportunity Qualification Form
We are TRiiiON, an agri-tech power company. We offer agribusinesses in Australia a true farm gate, cost-effective, zero-integration and eco-friendly single to 3 phase power converters (phase change), which are stable and grid-standard compliant.

TRiiiON solutions are an economic and sustainable way to boost your customer energy management and business growth. 

You can fill this Opportunity Qualification Form either in conjunction or on behalf of your customer. We will then analyse your requirements and tailor a solution fit for your purpose and get in touch to review and discuss best way to support you on the project.

All information committed in this form will be kept confidential once filled.
As part of our activity in Victoria's agriculture community, we will also donate $1 to a VFF Supported Charity Fund, with every form filled*, so don't forget to choose your preferred charity on the last page.
Thanks again,
The TRiiiON Team
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