1. Rural Health Network of Oswego County Technology Assessment Survey

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January 2, 2009

Dear Health Care Provider:

The Rural Health Network of Oswego County Technology Committee has been working diligently in the last couple of months to compose a technology assessment to be distributed to all providers of health care in Oswego County. The purpose of conducting this technology assessment is to obtain a better understanding of what your current technological capabilities are within your own facilities. This assessment will provide us with information on what systems you are currently using to conduct your daily activities, from prescriptions, to laboratory, to specialist referrals. With this information, we can identify existing technical opportunities, such as electronic lab retrieval, that may be useful to you and offer recommendations that may enhance your current procedures.

This assessment may provide us with a variety of opportunities in the future if monies become available to aid in our process of establishing an electronic exchange of health information. Your feedback is invaluable to this process, as it will provide us with the solid data needed to form a strong foundation to support change within Oswego County.

Please take the time to complete the included assessment by February 20, 2009 and return it to me in the envelope enclosed. If you would prefer to complete the assessment on-line, you may access these documents by visiting the Rural Health Network of Oswego County website at www.rhnoc.org and clicking on the technology assessment link located on the homepage.

If you have any questions in regards to this assessment, or may be interested in becoming a part of the Technology Committee, I can be reached at 598.4715 ext. 1234 or at tclark@oco.org.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to complete the enclosed technology assessment.

Tricia Clark