Dyslexia Johnson County 2015 Survey of Families 

Dyslexia is the most common reason why a child of at least average intelligence struggles with reading, writing and spelling.
Their struggles are real…
Please take a moment to answer this short family survey about Dyslexia in our schools in Johnson County, KS.

* 1. What School District does your Dyslexic Child attend?

* 2. A principal, teacher or other professional at my child's school has stated to me..

* 3. I believe that Kansas schools are equipped to properly teach students with Dyslexia?

* 4. My child has suffered emotional, psychological difficulties due to challenges in school?

* 5. My family has hired ( or expects to hire) an advocate or attorney for our child's educational needs?

* 6. My child has been denied appropriate accommodations?

* 7. My child has been denied an IEP despite a Dyslexia diagnosis?

* 8. My school is familiar with Orton-Gillingham-based curriculums and programs?