Christians in Theatre Arts helps our members Create, Serve, and Grow. In a few words, please share some ideas of ways that CITA could help you serve God and others through theatre. (Don't feel obligated to come up with ideas for every blank - just share whatever ideas and needs you have.)

* 1. Create: CITA members tell embodied stories that express humanity’s deepest longings, conflicts, and joys.

* 2. Serve: CITA members serve God by serving others in our communities.

* 3. Grow: CITA members develop the gifts and opportunities God has given them, to serve and create effectively.

* 4. Of all of your ideas above, which would be the one or two most valuable to you right now?

* 5. How would you describe yourself right now? Mark all that apply.

* 7. If you'd like for us to be able to follow up with you about your ideas, please share your info with us.

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