The Montana Work-based Learning Collaborative is conducting a survey to learn employers’ satisfaction with workforce recruitment, readiness, and retention, as well as their experiences with work-based learning. The information will inform the work of the Collaborative, program builders, and decision-makers across the state to improve workforce supports, work-based learning, and education opportunities so that young people are better prepared for employment success and employers gain skilled workers. 

Survey Development  
The survey was developed by social impact consulting firm Kinetic West in partnership with the Montana Chamber of Commerce, several statewide industry associations, and Collaborative members. The survey will be administered in the spring every two years so that we can measure changes with workforce satisfaction over time. 
Privacy & Results Sharing  
Results from the survey responses will be aggregated to protect anonymity and no identifying information will be shared. All data collected is for research purposes connected to this specific project and will not be used for commercial purposes or shared with third parties. Emails are collected solely for the purpose of tracking responses and sharing results. 

Aggregated results from the survey will be shared on a new Data Dashboard on the Reach Higher Montana website so that employers and other users can compare workforce satisfaction across industries, geographies, and employer sizes. All results will be de-identified and data suppressed for any filters resulting in fewer responses. 

This survey is intended to be taken by one representative from a business or organization, that has an understanding of their employee recruitment, readiness, and retention practices and experiences. In the case of a small business, this could be the CEO or President, while in larger entities, this could be a Human Resources director or Talent Lead. The survey is intended to be completed by the range of entities that represent Montana’s workforce including private/for-profit business, public/government agencies, and non-profit organizations.

We expect that the survey will take about 20-minutes to complete and recommend that you take it on a computer rather than a phone. If you would like to review the survey questions before you begin, please find a PDF version here.  The survey will remain open until March 31st.
Thank You!
We are thankful for the time you are taking to complete this survey and look forward to sharing the results! If you have any questions about the survey, please contact: Gabrielle Rowley (
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