* 1. What position best describes your Girl Scout role MOST of the time?

* 2. Which region describes where you MOST OFTEN give or receive service?

* 3. How many years have you been involved as a Girl Scout adult?

* 4. When was the model presented?

Date this model was presented:

* 5. Which model are you evaluating at this time?
(Please evaluate each model separately.)

* 8. Paper surveys: Enter the columns tallies.

How supportive of the persons in each column is this model for delivering the desired service qualities listed below …?

Online respondents: Please skip this item and move forward.

* 9. Please rate how TRUE each statement is using a scale of 1-5. (1=lowest)
How TRUE is it that …?

  1 Not at all true 2 Mostly not true 3 Somewhat true 4 Mostly true 5 Extremely true
The model matches the overall “story” about what it was designed to do.
I am persuaded that if we used this model, the organization would work better to improve the Girl Scout experience of girls and adults.

* 10. If you answered 1,2,3 above, please provide your comments, suggestions or questions about any of the following...

* 11. What are the STRENGTHS of this model?

* 12. What did you LIKE, have CONCERNS or QUESTIONS about in this model?

* 13. If there is anything else that this model should clarify, add or subtract...what is it?

* 14. Other comments...

Thank you.