Registration and the WellBeing Assessment

Hey, so stoked you're here! This ten-ish minute survey includes your registration and the WellBeing Assessment. This thought-provoking exercise offers valuable insights and jumpstarts the Intensive experience.  You will receive your results, the WellBeing Worksheet, and Zoom links within 24 hours of completion.

Regarding the WellBeing Assessment:
Our wellbeing is either energized or depleted by the ways we live, and the condition of our internal life is often mirrored in the external environments where we exert influence and have impact. Assessing the current state of key areas of our lives enables us to proactively manage our whole person health and our impact, and cultivate a balance that supports and sustains us.
Most of us have tendencies towards self-deception when considering these things. Be honest when answering these questions, and mindful of sugar-coating or denial. You have free choice over what to do with the resulting data, but at least begin with an honest assessment of what is so. 

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* 6. Agreements

This WellBeing programming promotes a culture of encouragement and connection. With that intention, I commit to:
- Listen with curiosity and compassion.
- Hold all stories and personal material in confidentiality.
- Speak from the heart, from personal experience.
- Honor the experiences and wisdom of others.

I understand this is an educational and supportive group experience built on developing resilience and bolstering wellbeing and is not a substitute for conventional medical or mental health treatment.

In an effort to create a positive experience for all participants, facilitators reserve the right to mute and/or remove any individual whose actions are disruptive or violate the Agreements. Removal may ultimately result in revoking access to future sessions. By registering, I agree to these terms and conditions.