You have expressed interest in Panzfest 2017, Cairns 25-27th August

Hi Bandleaders and Pan enthusiasts,
Here is some information about the elements of PANZfest 2017. On the pages following you will find a request for some information from you. To assist us with planning, could you please complete it to the best of your ability and submit.
PANZ Inc invites your steelband to take part in PANZfest August 25-27, 2017

The festival will be part of the Cairns Festival and will rove between Tanks Arts Centre and The Esplanade. A draft program outline is shown below.

Friday Morning - Bands arrive / Registrations Rehearsal time
Midday Welcome lunch
Evening social
Massed band workshop
Panorama & Carnival Parade
Fireworks, Party Night & Competition Results
Blockorama Showcasing of bands
Afternoon Massed band performance & close
Tips for Panorama
The following suggestions are taken from the judges scoresheets to give you an idea of what is expected when preparing your Panorama entry. The highest scoring band will be declared the winner.

Bands (Performance) 100 points
Maximum duration - 8 mins. 5 points will be deducted per 10 secs over the limit.
Rhythm Section
Tonal control
Accuracy of articulation in all sections of the band; Effective demonstration of dynamic
Consistent ‘strumming’; Discernable “panmanship”; expression of physical exhilaration by players and any additional performers involved in the performance.
Ability of the musicians to play as one unified entity and to maintain the appropriate balance of its sound.
Tempo must be maintained with metronomic accuracy; the rhythm section must maintain an appropriate balance with the pans; any rhythm changes should be cleanly executed.
Ability of players to create appropriate tonal quality from their instrument through good playing technique.
The effective placement of instruments to optimise the tonal quality of the different sections and to create a 3 dimensional soundscape - rather than an homogenous ‘wall of sound’. Appropriate choice of arrangement for band ability.
Expression of physical exhilaration and confidence by players and any additional performers involved in the band’s presentation.
Costuming and other aspects of the band’s presentation
Arrangement - 100 points
Expansion of the original music
Introduction; Verse/Chorus/Bridge; Reharmonisation; Motivic and Melodic developments; Modulation; Rhythm changes; ‘Runs’; Jam section; Dynamics; Outro/Conclusion
Introduction of new musical ideas. 
Innovation Coherence
Integration of all parts/sections into a seamless, coherent whole.
Overall satisfaction provided to the audience in both the short and long term - a measure of the arrangement’s “timelessness”.