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Post Secondary Education Program for I/DD

The Matthew Foundation is in early-stage, informal conversations with new faculty at a well-known, private university in California to explore the viability of a four-year, post-secondary, inclusive education program for people with intellectual disability. Similar programs across the United States offer both university courses (audit or credit) as well as program specific employment and independent living skills courses. Accepted students generally have to be at a minimum of a third grade academic level.  These type of programs generally offer significant support in all aspects of university life including academic, social, and independent on-campus living. Most student are offered employment at a living wage. For more information about the range of post secondary programs, please visit THINK College, This survey is not a commitment from you or the university but is purely meant to be an early indicator for faculty to see if there is interest in this type of program in California.

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* 1. How interested are you or your child in attending a 4 year post secondary education program for individuals with intellectual disability in California?

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* 2. If you are interested in learning more, participating in occasional surveys or providing feedback over the next few years as faculty explore this possibility, please provide your name and email address. Thank you!

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