1. Introduction

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Stratford District Council, working in partnership with a number of local businesses including CSR Showcase, Longden Ltd, Camden 360 Communications and Stratforward, is endorsing the ‘Greener Futures’ initiative to work with residents, businesses and schools and colleges across the district to jointly create a greener, more sustainable legacy for future generations to counteract climate change, save money and create new greener habits.

Did you know?

• The annual commercial and industrial tonnage of waste generated is over double that of household waste. Of that, small to medium sized businesses produce 65%.

• 64 % of household waste collected at the kerbside (April-Jun 2014)

• 74% of waste taken to household waste and recycling centres in the district (April-June 2014)

There is definitely an opportunity to improve on these numbers.

Anyone, including residents, businesses and schools and colleges are invited to register for the ‘Greener Futures’ initiative for the whole of Stratford district to take part in a six month structured campaign, starting in November, to ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle'.

While we collectively save money and adopt greener, more sustainable habits to help future generations, we’ll also be raising money for the new Stratford Cancer and Eye Hospital appeal and also for the Children’s Air Ambulance Service.

Before we organise this, we would like to hear from you, via this short survey, as to whether this would be an initiative that you would like to take part in. This survey will close on Monday 29th September 2014.

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* 6. Are you interested in playing your part in reducing the carbon footprint in the District to leave a greener legacy for the next generation?

* 7. If there was an initiative to reduce waste, save energy, save money and raise money for our suggested two charities (Stratford Hospital Cancer & Eye Appeal & Children’s Air Ambulance) would you be prepared to pay a small registration fee?

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