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* 1. The AAO East/est would like to offer a full-day workshop concerning archival preservation in 2019/2020.

Which specific workshop(s) would you be interested in attending? Rate the topics below by level of interest.

1. Authenticating and Identifying Works on Paper and Parchment – As a collections custodian in any capacity it is practical to have the skills which enable one to fully examine and identify all of the facets of paper based collections including written documents, signatures, works of art, fine art prints, and maps. Working with actual examples of works on paper and parchment, participants learn to use several tools and techniques to distinguish media types, manufacturing methods, and to apply that knowledge to dating, authenticating and enriching the story of the artifact.

2. General Preservation of Collections – Mitigating deterioration requires the practice and implementation of climate control, pollutant reduction, appropriate storage techniques, and proper handling and use. Learn practical tips on how to detect problems and act to resolve issues that may occur in storage or during collection use. Hands on activities included, focusing on preserving multiple artifact collection types.

3. Preservation-Planning and Creating a Framework for Preservation – Assessing a collection and storage facility to find and monitor potential agents of deterioration is paramount to preparing a plan for the long term care of your collections. The workshop will cover how to conduct a risk assessment and inspect a facility, conduct collection surveys and analyze that data to prioritize and allocate resources to best suit your collections needs for long term preservation. Group activities and participation exercises are utilized to provide a practical experience.

4. Disaster Planning, Response, and Salvage – Being prepared for a disaster and knowing how to salvage artifacts quickly can save a collection for complete destruction. Pin pointing and minimizing risks, preparing and communicating a plan of action, and knowing how to respond is outlined to get you on your way to developing an Emergency Preparedness Plan.

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Authenticating and Identifying Works on Paper and Parchment
General Preservation of Collections
Preservation-Planning and Creating a Framework for Preservation
Disaster Planning, Response, and Salvage

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* 2. What other workshops topics would you like to see offered by the AAOEe?

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* 3. Are you a member of the AAO? If not, please tell us why not.

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