The Lakeland Central School District would like to hear from our Lakeland, Walter Panas and Lakeland Alternative High School graduates. Please take a few moments to answer a brief survey.  Thank you in advance!
Dr. George Stone, Superintendent

* 1. I am a graduate of...

* 2. In what year did you graduate high school?

* 3. How was your high school counselor (or teachers, administrators, etc.) helpful in guiding and advising you in selecting your path after high school graduation? Please explain.

* 4. Following graduation, what path did you pursue?

* 5. If you attend/attended college, university or vocational/technical school what school?

* 6. What degrees, certifications, licenses, and/or promotions (to include military) if any have you received?

* 7. What is/was your major area of study or career interest?

* 8. If you are employed, what is your current occupation and/or job title?

* 9. Do you have or think you will have a job that is enjoyable, satisfying, financially rewarding and will provide opportunities for growth?

* 10. Please share your ideas on how we can provide better college and career guidance and assistance to prepare our students for college, work or service.