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The Wazo team

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* 8. How many Wazo users does your organization have internally?

* 9. If you are a Wazo reseller or integrator, how many users does you client have?

* 10. Is Wazo installed:

* 11. Which of your or your client's following needs does Wazo meet today?

* 12. How many persons are involved in administering your telephony system or that of you clients?

* 13. Which aspects of Wazo are the most important to you today?

* 14. Which Wazo API functions have you currently implemented?

* 15. Do you develop applications including Wazo today?

* 16. Which Trunk SIP operator do you currently use?

* 17. If you currently offer Wazo to your clients, what price structure do you use?

* 18. Do you use other Unified Communications solutions within your organization?

* 19. If yes, which?

* 20. What advantages do you see in Wazo on a day-to-day basis compared to other solutions on the market?

* 21. In you opinion, what evolutions to Wazo are the most important?

* 22. What projects do you have active in relation to Unified Communications?

* 23. How can we make it a success together?