Thank you for being a speaker at the 2017 WAWGG Annual Meeting, Convention, and Trade Show. We appreciate your continued support for Washington's wine and grape industry and value your input regarding your role as a speaker or session manager. 

Your insight will be used to help us plan for 2018. Thank you again for your participation and if you submit this survey by Friday, February 17 at 5pm, you have a chance to win a $100 gift card!

1. How would you rate communication from WAWGG staff prior to the Convention?

  Excellent Average Needed More Details
Convention Registration/ Lodging Details
Power Point and Speaking Guidelines
Connection between Speaker and Session Manager
Your Specific Questions

2. Rate efforts by WAWGG staff in helping you, as a Speaker/Session Manager, understand your role.

3. How could WAWGG staff better accommodate speakers and session managers as they prepare for their role?

4. Would you consider speaking for WAWGG again?

5. Did the 2017 WAWGG Convention meet your expectations as a Speaker or Session Manager?

6. If WAWGG did not meet your expectations as a Speaker or Session Manager, what can we improve?

7. To be entered to wine the $100 gift card please fill out below