AWSMP dives into starting the W.A.V.E. program for watershed residents!

The Water Assessments by Volunteer Evaluators (W.A.V.E.) Program is run by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) in an effort to assess water quality of New York State's waters. Cornell Cooperative Extension of Ulster County (CCE) and The Ashokan Watershed Stream Management Program (AWSMP) want to bring this program to our area! 
During these volunteer events, you will:
  • Monitor water quality in streams near you
  • Hike along stream beds towards sampling sites
  • Collect and identify aquatic insects
  • Learn about and participate in data collection and recording
  • Discuss the importance of stream management, sediment, wood in streams, channel shapes, aquatic insects, and the Ashokan Watershed
For more information regarding events and volunteer opportunities, check out CCE Ulster Event Page and the AWSMP Event page

* 1. Would you attend and participate in a W.A.V.E. program event held by AWSMP?

* 2. During the study period (July-September), which days of the week would you be more likely to attend a W.A.V.E. event?

* 3. At which streams within the Ashokan Watershed would you like to see W.A.V.E. programs held?

* 4. May we contact you regarding future W.A.V.E. volunteer events? (optional)