Washington State Council - SHRM Survey

Dear Washington State SHRM Member,

Thank you for being a member of SHRM! The Washington State Council is sending out this survey to learn more about how we might better meet the needs of SHRM members in Washington State. As you may know, we have many resources provided by SHRM, from their national presence to our State presence, and finally the presence of local area chapters.

We would appreciate 5-10 minutes of your time to complete this questionnaire. As an enticement, we will enter your name into a drawing and will be giving away 4 separate $25 gift cards to four lucky participants! (Please make sure to complete your name and contact information towards the end of the survey, so we can send it to you.)

Thanks much, Ruth M. Alstadt, Washington State Council Membership Director

* 1. How long have you worked in Human Resources?

* 2. Overall, how satisfied are you with your SHRM membership?

* 3. Why did you join SHRM?

* 4. What region of Washington are you from?

* 5. Did you know that SHRM supports local chapters through a portion of national membership dues to local chapters designated by Members, that there are 17 such Chapters in Washington State, and almost all of those Chapters charge $0 in annual membership dues (above and beyond the SHRM cost of membership)?

* 6. To what extent would you like to increase your opportunities to network with other local chapter members?

* 7. Are you willing to be added to your local chapter's mailing list? If yes, how would you prefer the local chapter communicate with you? (Please answer 2nd part of question in "other" box).

* 8. My top two concerns when considering joining a local chapter are:

* 9. What is the biggest Management or HR challenge you will face in the next twelve (12) months?

* 10. What types of training and development will be most helpful in meeting this challenge?

* 11. What one training and development activity has had the greatest positive impact on your professional development?

* 12. Please rank the following list on importance as to how SHRM can support your training and development to improve your HR effectiveness.

  Least Helpful Neutral Helpful Most Helpful N/A
Pre-meeting workshops
Events that foster networking
Regular monthly meetings with speakers
SHRM state conferences
SHRM national conferences
SPHR/PHR certification study groups
Mentor another HR professional
Chapter-sponsored seminar
Serving as a Committee Chair
Internet sites
Chapter web page
Print resources
Virtual networking/professional development events
Social/Cultural events

* 13. If you were to attend a Chapter meeting, what format would be most effective for you?

* 14. If you have not been coming to the local chapter meetings on a regular basis, please share with us your reason(s) for not attending:

* 15. What programs would you like to see at a local chapter meeting? Please list your preferred program topics and/or recommended speakers.

* 16. Would you like a member of the SHRM Washington State Council Board of Directors to contact you for further discussion on issues raised in this survey? If so, please provide the best form of contact information in the "Other" box.

* 17. Does your current employer financially support your SHRM membership?

* 18. What is your Title, or at what level of HR do you work?

* 19. Please enter me into your drawing for a $50 Starbucks gift card! (Enter your name and telephone number or email below to be eligible for the drawing.)

* 20. Thank you for participating in the survey. If you'd like to affiliate with a Chapter right now for free*, please choose the chapter website closest to you from this link (copy into your browser) and join your local Chapter today!!


*The only exception to the free Chapters is the Seattle Chapter, which charges dues.