1. What you need to know before starting

This Walk a Mile Quiz is not designed to invoke shame, embarrassment, or guilt in anyone.

It is an activity designed to highlight that we may, unknowingly, have certain advantages over others in the workplace and in society. These advantages are called unearned privilege.

Privilege occurs because there are aspects of our identity, that we are typically born with, that society values over others.

Typically, privilege is granted to people who have membership in one or more of these social identity groups:

• White people;
• Able-bodied people;
• Heterosexuals;
• Males;
• Christians;
• Middle or owning class people;
• Middle-aged people;
• English-speaking people

It is not wrong to have privilege. However, it is useful to understand our own privilege in the context of the workplace and society. It is particularly useful for those of us who are leaders responsible for creating and sustaining inclusive, high-performing workplaces.

The quiz has a number of statements that you will be asked to agree or disagree with. There are no right or wrong answers. Your responses are anonymous and your participation in this activity is 100% confidential.