Board and staff members of Western Arctic Moving Pictures have been developing a five-year strategic plan. 

Western Arctic Moving Pictures’ mission is to produce, support, and promote independent film, video and digital media arts made in the Northwest Territories, and to showcase it to audiences at home, across Canada, and internationally.
Western Arctic Moving Pictures seeks to strengthen the northern digital media arts community by: 
  • Cultivating interest and appreciation among creators, funders, and the audience
  • Making high quality equipment accessible and affordable across the NWT
  • Developing learning opportunities, and fostering creativity
  • Enabling synergies among artists
  • Reducing barriers, and supporting opportunities for northern digital media artists
  • Showcasing northern digital media art productions locally, nationally, and internationally 
The survey will take 10-15 minutes to complete.
Thank you for participating; we are looking forward to reading your feedback and ideas!

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* 2. How would you describe your interest / participation in film, video and digital media arts?  Please choose the option that best describes you.

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* 3. Did you know that WAMP produces, supports, and promotes a wide variety of digital media arts, including independent film, video, photography, physical computing, toy hacking, video game design, virtual reality, and digital graphic design?

Please tell us how interested you are in each type of media art.

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Film and video
Physical computing
Toy hacking
Video game design
Virtual reality
Digital graphic design

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* 4. Are you a member of Western Arctic Moving Pictures (WAMP)?

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