Welcome to Our Volunteer Survey!

Dear WAAS Community, and especially our new families!

Welcome to our community!  We hope that you come to love WAAS, our faculty, and our amazing Director as much as we do!  We are thrilled to offer our students as many opportunities as we can, and this takes the creativity and passion of our Director, faculty, students, and of course . . . our parents!  This small community runs on the deep commitment of all of us.

We encourage you to volunteer in any of the fun and easy opportunities we offer below.  Our relationships among our director/parents/teachers/students and alumni are what fosters a meaningful and rich environment for all of us.

Please note that we have an entire year of exciting opportunities to plan and very much need everyone's help.  Even small donations of time are valuable.  We have listed many different ways to give and help our children experience a world-class education on a much more modest budget.

If you will kindly list what activities you think would be best for you and your family, we can together create another year of academic excellence that nurtures each of our children.  The possibilities are endless with the help of our parents.  (Please keep in mind that the logistics are not set in stone, but are a good guideline to help us all plan for a year of success for our students, the faculty, and the school year.)

Thank you for volunteering!!!