Are You Ready to be Certified?

An RBA certification raises professional standards and verifies the knowledge, skills, and abilities professional bakers bring to the marketplace.  Certification also increases job opportunities and income for certified bakers and decorators.  

RBA certification greatly benefits four types of retail bakers:
*Students graduating from a baking or culinary programs, but have limited work experience
*Bakery staff with little or no technical training, but much on-the-job training
*Bakery staff specializing in decorating or bread baking
*Retail bakers with four or more years of experience.   

RBA provides professionals of the retail baking industry the opportunity to earn up to four certifications:
Certified Journey Baker (CJB) 
Certified Baker (CB) 
Certified Decorator (CD)
Certified Master Baker (CMB) 

* 1. How many years of experience do you have the in baking industry?

* 2. Certification candidates should have relevant education in the industry.  Please indicate your experience.

* 3. I am interested in the following Certification designation with the RBA.

* 4. I would love to see a practical test in the following locations.

* 5. Currently the RBA Certification test is only offered in English.  If available, would you have a language preference for the online tests?  

* 6. Are you a current RBA Member?

* 7. Have you visited the RBA website to see what level of Certification you would qualify for?

* 8. Please contact me with more information on becoming Certified with the RBA.

* 9. Do you have any suggestions for improving the Certification process?

* 10. Would you like to offer an idea for any other Certifications the RBA should offer through the program?