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* 1. What is your email address? (This is optional. It allows me to get in touch with you if I have questions about someone you mention.)

* 2. Nominate a noteworthy filmmaker, filmmaking team, or film collective working independently each of the following states. You may add more than one per state if you like -- just separate with a comma. You can skip the states for which you don't have a response. The filmmaker can be a living, working filmmaker, they may be retired, or they may be deceased. The one requirement is that a significant portion of their body of work should have been produced in the corresponding state.

* 3. Feel free to write anything you want here. You can expand on any of the above mentioned names, add alternates, add weblinks, tell me how much you love Self-Reliant Film, tell me how what I could do to improve Self-Reliant Film... etc.