MSCA ITN SellSTEM Application Form

Complete this form to apply for an Early Stage Researcher (ESR) position in SellSTEM which is funded under Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions 2020, Innovative Training Networks.

As part of this application you will be asked to complete the following sections:

1. Personal Details,
2. Eligibility check,
3. Academic Track Record, including details of your Bachelor's and (optionally) Master's degrees,
4. Further Track Record, including details on other education, research achievements, technical skills/achievements and work experience,
5. Personal Statement, which allows you to describe your motivation for pursuing a PhD degree in digitally enhanced reality (Max 3000 characters), and
6. Selection of ESR position(s), where you will be asked to select and rank up to 4 position(s). Details of these positions are available at