* 1. What type of electronic device did you preview the website on?

* 2. Did the website look uniform and have the correct appearance on the electronic device you previewed it on?

* 3. Was the website simple to navigate and easy to understand?

* 4. Were the instructions on the Hall Rental page and Membership page clear and concise?

* 5. Did the "Current weather conditions in Middletown, RI" link work?

* 6. Did the link to our Facebook Page work?

* 7. Were you able to view the photo's on the Photo Gallery page?

* 8. Looking at the entire website, please rank the website pages in order of importance or value to you as a member.

* 9. Keeping in mind this is a publicly viewable page and we need to keep personally identifiable information private, is there any additional pages or information you would like to see added to our website?

* 10. Overall, how would you rate this website?

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