Welcome to Berea Baptist Church’s Women’s Ministry Survey.

 This anonymous survey will let us know how we can best serve YOU!

* 1. Please let us know your age.

* 2. How long have you been a part of our church?

* 3. Please rank your interest in the following women's ministry areas: (Please keep in mind we are working on having childcare available for activities)

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Fun & Fellowship Social Times
Game Nights (Board games, bingo, etc)
Home Gatherings
Outings (tea room, restaraunts, nail salon, ice cream)
Serving other organizations as a group
Supporting others in crisis
Evangelism (Learning & Opportunities for)
Discipleship Learning
Speaker Programs
Women's Conferences
Leadership (Conferences or opportunities for)
Secret Prayer Partners
Sports/Active Gatherings (Hiking, Biking, Yoga)
Mix it up all year long!

* 4. Would you rather participate in a Bible study or teaching online or in person?

* 5. Which time of the week works best for your schedule when planning women's activities?

* 6. Childcare Needs:

* 7. Would you be interested in being involved in any type of women's mentorship program?

* 8. Would you be interested in occasionally helping with events and activities?

* 9. Do you have special gifts/talents which you would be interested in sharing during a meeting or activity within our Women’s Ministry? If so, briefly describe. (i.e. quilting, sewing, speaking, decorating, drama, singing, etc.)

* 10. What is your GREATEST need right now from a women's ministry?